The Chuckbox, Tempe, AZ

01:24 Feb 17 2011 202 East University Drive

A veritable institution unto itself, the Chuckbox is an archaic island in a sea of university students. Virtually surrounded by Arizona State, the Chuckbox hasn't changed since I got here (2000), and the decor is... unique. The ceiling appears to be nothing more than burlap sacks, the tables just a sheet of copper, the chairs- I don't know WHO made the seating, but it's not good.

Fortunately, I don't go to the Chuckbox for seating. I don't go there for the atmosphere. I go there for the burgers, which are served with a cryptic "toothpick code" during the busy lunch hour.

This is your authentic burger, fries, and soda joint, served up in a wood shack. Burgers are prepared over a wood-fired BBQ grill large enough to roast an ox. A must-see, must-eat if you're ever in the neighborhood. "Over 278 sold!"
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