Burger & Barrel

01:43 Feb 20 2011 225 West Houston, New York, NY

A new locale, having opened less than a year ago, Burger & Barrel serves high quality burgers and provides an excellent dining experience. Let's get this out of the way: this is not by any stretch of the word a 'burger joint'. It is a sit down restaurant that you'll probably have to wait to get in for on a friday or saturday night. However, don't let that steer you from enjoying one of the best quality burgers in NYC. The restaurant has a dim but friendly ambiance, and the wait-staff is always polite and friendly. The wine list is phenomenal, and the restaurant also carries a selection of local ales to enjoy. Many of the appetizers are delicious as well, with the best being the chicken lollipops, which taste like very high quality mcnuggets dipped in spicy barbecue sauce, and the mini-steak sandwiches, which are small servings of fillet on brioche with a mayo sauce. Finally, the burgers themselves are fantastic. The patties are nice and thick and cooked to order, with a topping of delicious condiments. I am someone who normally orders his burgers with only ketchup and mustard (maybe a bit of lettuce too) on top, but you should enjoy the burgers with all the flavor packed in. The Bash burger is most likely my favorite, having won the 2010 Metromix Best of New York Burgers competition when it was part of Lure Fishbar just down the street (another fantastic venue). There are other options available too, including a vegetarian burger made from chickpeas, a chicken burger, and for a limited time a white truffle burger (yum!). Unfortunately, after your delicious meal your check will arrive. Be forewarned, this is not a cheap eat, by any means. The burgers all cost at least $12 (with that white truffle burger costing a whopping $47), and the appetizers will also take a nice dent out of your wallet. If you're willing to spend more than a few bucks however, B&B offers one of the best NYC burger experiences around.
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