By Far The Best Burger In Nashville - A True Hole-In-The-Wall Restaurant

13:46 Feb 17 2011 Arlington, TX. On Collins near the stadium

Growing up I got the nickname Wimpy after the cartoon character from the Popeye cartoon. Burger's are my favorite food to eat and I'm always on a search for the best of the best. I have found that if you want by far the best burger, chances are you are going to have to ask a local, or catch a special on Food Network or the Travel Channel.

Well, as a Nashvillian, let me tell you the best burger in Nashville. Rotier's Restaurant.

This little restaurant is located downtown near Centennial Park just off of Vanderbilt's campus. The atmosphere is simply something from another era. small tables, small booths, and huge burgers that are huge on taste. Even the fries and onion rings will blow you away. Want a nice thick shake to wash it all down with? Go ahead and order one; it feeds 4 people.

These burgers are by and large the best of the best and I have found nothing as great in the Nashville area. Some people say to try Fat Mo's or Melrose's Pub. Those people are liars and should be taken and shot in the middle of the street at the crack of dawn.

So if you are looking to get down and dirty in Nashville and want to have your way with a morsel of meat cooked up right, then Rotier's is the restaurant for you.

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