O Hara's bar

01:49 Apr 24 2011 weyburn terrace (corner of Weyburn and Gayley, near UCLA's grad student dorms)

Most people don't think to go there to eat, but twice now I've had "the best burger of my life" there (the second time was when I got it cooked rarer, after knowing it was going to be good enough to justify that). Their cheeseburgers come with thick, juicy, delicious meat patties, whatever kind of cheese you want, lots of toppings, and a huge portion of sweet potato fries with ranch (if that's the side you choose). Best of all they are super cheap (even compared to the bland burgers of In-and-Out down the street) at $4.50 plus tip, which is impossibly cheap food for that area. You should order them from a waitress, not the bartender, so that they give you all the options.
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