Burgemeester Artis

01:41 Feb 20 2011 Plantage Kerklaan 37 1018 CV Amsterdam Netherlands

Very high quality beef and ingredients, cooked to order. A tad expensive, but the beef is perfectly cooked and juicy, the bread is fresh and has a nice crust and the sauce tastes amazing. There are several options, including veggieburgers as well as lamb, chicken and salmon burgers. There are generally few tourists and you need to ask to see the English menu(which is always a good sign.) It might technically be considered a chain since there are 4 of them, but they're all in Amsterdam and I don't think there's any corporate office. Warning: there are no French fries(quirk of the owner) but there is a baked potato if you really need the starch. Burgers are big are big and fulling, though.

PS: If you're wondering about the name, it's a pun: burgemeester is mayor in Dutch.
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